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Welcome to NYC's Dave Frank School of Jazz!

Thank you for visiting the Dave Frank School of Jazz website. We are located at 140 West 30th Street, in the middle of Manhattan, two blocks from Penn Station in the same space as New York City's coziest Kundalini Yoga studio, Hari NYC.

This website is dedicated to bringing you in-depth master classes on all facets of contemporary music, with an emphasis on jazz piano and improv instruction. Here you will find master classes on many of the great and historic geniuses that developed the language of jazz such as Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Lennie Tristano, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock and many others, as well as classes specific to an area of instruction such as technique, ear-training and improv concepts. Please feel free to contact me for any information or question you may have about a specific master class or performance, or if you would like to suggest a topic for a future class.

To help you in your improv aspirations you may want to check out my book series Joy of Improv (book 1 and book 2) and my DVD Breakthrough to Improv. Both the books and video are designed as step-by-step curriculums to help you to discover an infinite flow of music within you through a series of graduated lessons and practice points.

At the present time I am also teaching folks worldwide, both privately on Skype and in group lessons on Google+, as both mediums have been found to be totally effective as ways to teach both the musical elements and improv concepts needed to become a great player. It is my joy and privilege to work seven days a week using these platforms to help aspiring musicians reach their musical goals. I always enjoy hearing from you, so please feel free to send along comments, compliments, criticisms, suggestions and tomatoes to

Please feel free to come in, open a box of wine and peruse the classes. All are free for thee, with no commercials.

Blessings and keep swinging from New York City!

New York City based jazz pianist and educator Dave Frank

Online Lessons

Dave is now offering lessons worldwide via Skype and Google+.

You can now study all aspects of contemporary music with a master from the comfort of your own home/studio! All levels and styles.


New Master Class!

Learn to Burn is a new master class intended for intermediate to advanced players, presenting three specific exercises to help you to take your playing to Burnsville!

Don't forget to check out the other master classes!


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You are *chord-ially* invited to a solo jazz piano performance at the Somethin' jazz Club, 212 E 52nd st, 3rd Floor, on Wed eve, 11/12, at 9 PM. I'll be playing selections from my recent CD with Ethel Merman, titled
"Dave and Ethel Clash Styles."

I'll be including different solo piano approaches including walking basslines, original ballads, vamps, burners and tune/poems. There will be a $12 cover charge and a 2 Pepto-Bismol minimum per set. You should feel *real* good after the performance)

Help us to create a new jazz scene on old old jazz street!

About Dave

Dave Frank is one of the busiest solo jazz pianists and music educators on the scene today. He is the author of the best-selling Hal Leonard book and video series, Joy of Improv and Breaktrough to Improv, was an Associate Professor of Piano at Berklee College of Music in Boston and was a co-founder of the New York School of Jazz. Dave studied with legendary jazz pianist Lennie Tristano in the 1970's. Read more...

Critical Quotes

“Dave Frank is the type of original artist that comes along only once in a great while” - Bruce Lundvall, President, Blue Note Records

“A master of thematic improvisation” - Amsterdam Jazz Journal

"I can honestly say, after 23 online master classes and 6 years of skype lessons, that I believe Dave Frank to be the best jazz piano teacher on the planet" - Chris DeVito, President, Blue Truffle Music

“This guy sounds like he has 12 fingers on each hand!” - HEAR Music

“Dave Frank is a new force to be reckoned with in the world of jazz piano. Ballads and Burners must be heard to be believed !” - Scott Yanow, All- Music Guide

“Dave’s music sounds like jazz coming from an alternate universe” - Dave Douglas

“Dave Frank is a bearer of the Tristano flame in the world of modern jazz” - Charles Sibirsky

“I was deeply moved by Power of the Piano. Dave Frank is a monster!” - Pat Martino

“Dave Frank is one of the few people that can REALLY play!” - Lennie Tristano

“Dave is going to make everyone practice! He plays circles around most of the guys out there.” - Charlie Banacos


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