Please join Dave for a hilarious look at the musical world of the Looney Tunes and the American genius composer/arranger Carl Stalling. The class includes a Road Runner cartoon Zoom and Bored, the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon Rhapsody Rabbit, and a crazy cartoon of musical styles Book Revue. The class starts with an animated performance Bugs Bunny Burner. Biggg Fun!!

Watch "Master Class #39: The Music of the Looney Tunes/Carl Stalling" now!

Join Dave for this advanced jazz improvisation class for pianists and intermediate/advanced jazz players. Included are 26 ways to take your playing beyond the ordinary, including Ghost Note Lines, Abstraction, Piano Falling Down the Stairs, Twirling, Rodeo, and many more.

Watch "Master Class #38: Beyond the Improvised Line - Taking Your Playing Beyond the Ordinary" now!

Join Dave for this general overview of the process of jazz improvisation, filmed during a residency at Alfred University in upstate NY. Topics include creating a complete improvised arrangement, the source of improvised music, the difference between an implied and direct rhythms, and much more. This is geared for Beginner/intermediate players and the general public.

Watch "Master Class #37: The Mind of the Improviser - Musical Elements and Improv Concepts" now!

Join Dave Frank for a serious and hilarious in-depth master class on the one and only Art Tatum! Topics include Tatum runs, stride variations, musical textures, Tatum voicings and more. Watch out for 49:00! Fun for the whole family!

Watch "Master Class #36: The Genius of Art Tatum: Divine Madness!" now!

Join Dave Frank for an in-depth class on the playing of the GREAT Keith Jarrett w/Charlie Haden! Includes the concept of musical layering, playing the ring, multiple time feels, and more.The class starts with a 5 min recording of a live concert encore w/Dave.

If blocked you can see it here:

Watch "Master Class #35: Keith Jarrett" now!

Join Dave Frank for a class on the playing of the great Paul Desmond with the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Topics include 4 kinds of musical imitation, the use of quotes, wide interval lines, mantra phrases, and much more. The level for this class in intermediate -advanced. The class starts with Dave Frank playing Shades of Renoir off his solo CD Ballads and Burners.

Watch "Master Class #34: The Music of Paul Desmond" now!

Get up close and personal with the world's GREATEST jazz guitarist!

Watch "Master Class #33: An Evening with Pat Martino" now!

Feb 4, 2017
Fellow jazz lovers, you are invited to join me for a solo concert and a master class on the GREAT Art Tatum from 5-7 PM at the beautiful Mezzrow in NYC. We will be analyzing Art's classic ELEGIE. Major fun! $20 for all Only 30 tix left at:…/2648-an-afternoon-with-dave-frank

Aug 18, 2016

This class will focus on the improv concepts used by the great alto sax improviser Paul Desmond. Recording Friday night in NYC, looking forward to sharing this with you)

Aug 12, 2016

Hi phrends, I'm happy to announce that I'll be presenting a solo concert followed by a master class on the greatest pianist who ever lived, Keith Jarrett) This will be live at NYC's best piano jazz club, MEZZROW, on Sunday November 13th. Concert at 5, Keith class at 6. Consider joining me for a scintillating evening!

More later, alligators.

Jun 2, 2016

Get up close and personal with the world's GREATEST jazz guitarist! Pat discusses his early years, practice habits, the sacred geometry of the guitar, the "study of opposites", his theory of rhythm and much, much more. This video is like hearing a lecture from the Buddha and then the Buddha plays the greatest jazz guitar solos you ever heard) Features 2 new SMOKIN' duo performances by Dave Frank and Pat Martino, and some gorgeous solo guitar performances. YAY PAT!

Watch An Evening with Pat Martino now!

Feb 12, 2016

Game On - I'm happiest to announce that I will be presenting a master class with legendary guitarist Pat Martino on Sunday, May 22nd at 4 PM at the beautiful Cunningham Piano theatre in downtown Philadelphia. We'll be talking about Pat's career and history, and we'll seek Pat's counsel on all elements musical, practical, and jazzical, and Pat and I will play duo together. This should be a BLAST, do consider joining us for an enlightening afternoon with an American Treasure)

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