This video is intended for intermediate to advanced improvisors as a way to develop the ability to improvise fast lines and play at fast tempos. The definition of burning as we are considering it tonight will be defined as being equal to or above 200 bpm on the standard metronome. We will study a number of specific exercises that will help you to gradually but surely increase the speed of your creative playing to the point of burnin’!

Watch "Master Class #23: Learn to Burn!" now!

This is an advanced class intended for, but not limited to, jazz pianists, to introduce the art of touch in piano playing and performance. The subject of creating and controlling the aspect of touch in playing is a vast subject. In the classical piano tradition there are intire schools of thought devotoed to the science of controlling piano touch. The very production of a sound played by a finger is often subject to a complex and exacting application of various muscles, tendons, various non-related parts of the body etc.

Watch "Master Class #22: The Science of Touch" now!

Armando Anthony (Chick) Corea is one of the great pillars in the building of modern jazz piano. His 50+ year musical career has been characterized by his mastery of every nuance of jazz and jazz piano, his joyful attitude of exploration and creativity that he brings to his seemingly endless string of remarkable performances and projects, an original and precise piano technique capable of an astonishing range of musical colors, and a total mastery of the art of performing and communicating though music.

Watch "Master Class #21: Chick Corea" now!

Designed for jazz piano lovers, this in-depth master class explores 15 cool concepts to expand one's improv potential. Included are various left hand patterns and concepts, comping concepts, stride-type piano, playing outside, contrapuntal playing, call and response, trading fours, and many more.

Watch "Master Class #20: 15 Stylistic Elements" now!

Explore 3 of the hippest systems for developing your ears! In this class Dave focuses on developing the ability of the inner ear to hear multiple notes, intervals and tonal/chord colors. Any musician in any genre can benefit from the clear practices presented on this unique video. Dave opens the video, the 20th in his online series, with a new performance, "Peace in the Kingdom".

Watch "Master Class #19: Ear Training" now!

Dec 10, 2014

Let us know what you think! If you run into any problems contact Dave at

Dec 10, 2014

For my friends, fans and foes, this weekend I'll be recording the first in a *new* YT 4- part master class series, BEGINNING JAZZ IMPROVISATION. The series is intended for players of all instruments as a way to BREAK THROUGH to the process of improvising in the jazz idiom. Part One will be Intro to Chord Mapping.

Your prayers are appreciated).

Dave Frank

Dec 3, 2014

My next YT master class project will be a 4-part series for beginning jazz improvisers. I'll be recording the first two segments, Chord Mapping and Improvising over Progressions, on 12/13 in NYC.

Dec 3, 2014

This Thursday 12/4, my group the Brothers of Contrapuntal Swing will be playing 2 sets at the Somethin Jazz club, 212 E 52nd St., 3rd fl, from 9 -11 PM. We are now playing with the MONSTROUS bass player Ratzo Harris, this guy is a beast) Please join Larry Meyer, Jimmy Halperin, and George Hooks, myself and Ratzo for what will be a slammin evenin! There will be a 5 oz minimum of Pepto Bismol during each set and a 12 banana covercharge.

Nov 10, 2014

Y'all are chord-ially invited to the Somethin' Jazz Club, 212 E. 52nd St., 3rd floor, this Wednesday 11/12 at 9 PM. I will be presenting my first solo performance in 2 years for your listening and dancing pleasure. The evening will include a wide range of styles including ballads, burners, vamps and tune-poems. The cover is $12 and there will be no drinking of any sort on the premises)

Thank you all for your friendship and support, I'm a happy man.


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